Hot-End-Baugruppe Ersatzteil | Mini Delta

Monoprice-Ersatz-Hot-End-Baugruppe für den MP Mini Delta 3D-Drucker (21666)
Monoprice-Ersatz-Hot-End-Baugruppe für den MP Mini Delta 3D-Drucker (21666)

Hot-End-Baugruppe Ersatzteil | Mini Delta

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Dies ist ein Ersatz Hot-End-Baugruppe für den Monoprice ™ MP Mini Delta 3D-Drucker.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Joseph M.
Prints like new

Perfect replacement, my machine prints like new again. It comes as a complete assembly too, so now I have spares from the old one since some parts were salvageable.

Randall M.
Does what it says on the tin

(This assembly didn't come in a tin ... )I got this item after pricing out the entirety of parts that come in this assembly separately, and realizing that buying the assembly was much more cost effective and also easier to install.This immediately allowed my MP Mini Delta to print properly and with no thermal issues.I would recommend this for anyone whose hot end doesn't like to heat up unless you manually move the wires (my problem) or if the insulation around the hot end is missing (like mine was).

Angel D.
It was ok but broke on 1st day

The first day I got it it failed to work and it broke. So I re ordered another one. Fialment didnt get hot enough.

Christopher O.
Used for my mini select v1

I have a monoprice mini select v1 (15365) my nozzle got clogged and in pulling things apart I thought I'd broken some parts of the hot end. For version 1 you can upgrade to the E3D V6 hot end after printing a bracket, which I might since you can get knock offs of that head for cheap, but I wanted too get parts from monoprice. While this says it's for the delta printer it works fine for mini select with the following changes:1. Wires need extended2. remove back portion to allow it to mount to mini select (heat sync has a plastic thing on it you can just take off, mini select has this piece connected to the printer, portion the springs grab onto)3. Keep track of the connections I marked all wires when unplugging from the board (they are not marked at all and all look the same)4. re level bed as the new nozel is not exactly same length (I had to raise my bed about 2.5 twists) you're bed may be different, but will still need adjusted like with any change of the printer.5. I also re used my original fan with it's bracket, but you don't have to.Happy hobby-ing I'm back up and printing

Katsuhiro N.

Replacing parts was easy. It's molded smoothly compared to before replacement.

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